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Atlantic City Electricity Rates

Atlantic City Electric Rates – New Jersey Energy Deregulation

The United States Energy Information Admin. states deregulation is “the elimination of some or all regulations from a previously regulated industry”.  In many states, the electricity sector of the energy industry has been deregulated since 1996.

Atlantic City electric rates reflect this energy deregulation.  Adopted by many states, deregulating power sales has allowed electricity brokers and agents to provided competitive rates for electricity in Atlantic City since 1999. Deregulation is a way for electricity producers to offer new sources of supply to commercial, residential and governmental customers in New Jersey with additional options of securing electricity at competitive rates, and enhanced customer service.  Given the obvious advantages to the citizens of Atlantic City, each state is allowed to choose whether it will deregulate its energy industry and offer its inhabitants the benefit of cheaper electricity.  However, there is no federal mandate to do so.

An additional object of deregulation of the electricity industry is to break the monopoly the utility producers enjoy. This is accomplished by separating the sellers and transmitters of electricity from the generation company. One benefit of deregulation is creating a more competitive pricing market, introducing a market-based efficiency, helping to lower prices.  In addition, there has been a noticeable reduction in pollution due to generation of electricity from renewable resources the local utility may not be able to offer its current customers.

In energy markets that have been deregulated, regulatory bodies are no longer involved in establishing the price of electricity charged to the consumer. This opens up the market for more competition. Consumers are not forced to purchase electricity from the local utility. They can decide to purchase electricity in the open market, where companies either lose business or offer competitive rates.

In addition to Atlantic City having energy deregulation, all areas of New Jersey fall under the state mandated energy deregulation.

These states also offer electricity in a deregulated industry:

Oklahoma, California, Rhode Island, Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Delaware, New Mexico, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Maine,  Washington D.C., Connecticut, Texas, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oregon and Montana.

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